There are many ways to save with         
M&C Credit Union

Regular Shares Savings

This is your main savings account at M&C.  To open this account you must have a minimum balance of $5.  You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $50 for each day of the dividend period.  You will not earn dividends for any day that your balance drops below $50.  

We offer individual accounts (you designate a pay-on-death payee) and joint owner accounts 

Dividends are compounded daily and credited quarterly

Current Shares Savings Rate:
Balances $50-$24,999       = 0.25% APR effective 4/1/2023
Balances $25,000 and up = 0.50% APR effective 4/1/2023

Membership Application

Holiday Savings Club

Avoid the financial stress of the holidays by saving a little bit all year long! Club accounts offer you a convenient way to put money away and earn interest. 
- Automatic deposit is available
- Club year runs October 1 - September 30
- Funds dispersed by October 15 each year
- Dividends are compounded daily and credited quarterly

Current Holiday Club Savings Rate =
1.25% APR!

Enrollment for the 2023 - 2024 club is closed

Enrollment for the 2024 - 2025 club opens August 2024

Holiday Club Enrollment Form 

Vacation Savings Club

Start Saving for Your Dream Vacation. M&C's Vacation Club is a great way for you to easily set aside money for a special getaway. Reward yourself and save as much as you want, as often as you want until your vacation rolls around. 
- Automatic deposit is available  
- Club year runs April 1 - March 31
- Funds dispersed by April 15 each year
- Dividends are compounded daily and credited quarterly

Current Vacation Club Savings Rate = 1.25% APR!
Enrollment for the 2024 - 2025 club now open!

Vacation Club Enrollment Form 

Share Certificates of Deposit

M&C Credit Union offers share certificates, which are similar to certificates of deposit (CDs) offered by banks. A share certificate is an interest bearing investment, insured by NCUA.  Rates effective May 20, 2024:

Invest with Existing Shares/Savings 

Term 12 months     APR = 4.85%    APYE = 4.97%
Term 24 months    APR = 4.75%    APYE = 4.86% 

Invest with New Funds

Term 12 months       APR = 5.10%   APYE = 5.23%
Term 24 months      APR = 5.00%  APYE = 5.13% 

APR = Annual Percentage Rate
APYE = Annual Percentage Yield Earned

~ Annual Percentage Yield is an annualized rate that reflects estimated dividend earnings based on the dividend rate and frequency of compounding
~ Certificate rates are subject to change 
~ Once a certificate is issued, its rate cannot be adjusted
~ Dividends are compounded daily and credited at maturity
~ Penalties apply for early withdrawals from certificate accounts 

Share Certificate Application

Deposits and Withdrawals

- Deposits can be transacted through payroll deduction, ACH, bill pay, Zelle, PayPal and electronic transfer from any account, in person or mailed to M&C Credit Union. Please specify member name or account number. 
- Checks should be made payable to M&C Credit Union. 
- Third party checks are accepted for deposit, and check must be endorsed by payee.
- Electronic deposits can be sent to:
Your account number + RTN = 221275410 
- ZELLE deposits can be sent to: [email protected]
- PAYPAL deposits can be sent to:

- Check requests can be accepted in person, via fax or scan/email, and MUST contain member's signature and mailing instructions.
- Check withdrawals can be made payable and mailed to anyone you request (must be specified on withdrawal document). 
- M&C Credit Union checks can be cashed up to 6 months from date of issue

Large Withdrawals -  Member requests to withdraw over $25,000 may be delayed by 1-5 business days based on liquidity requirements.

Check request form link below - please print and complete the highlighted areas.

Check / Withdrawal Request Form

Truth-in-Savings Disclosure Document

Click here for savings account information and fee schedule 

 TIS Disclosure Statement

Keeping Your Information Secure

How does M&C Credit Union protect your personal account information from unauthorized access and use? We use security measures that comply with federal law. These measures include computer safeguards and secured files and office space. 

Privacy Statement

Your Savings is Federally Insured

A credit union is a cooperative financial institution chartered by the National Credit Union Administration, and owned by its individual members. The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund provides members of federally insured credit unions with up to $250,000 in insurance coverage. 

NCUA Web Site